Stuff going on finsbury park way?


Seems as good a place as any to worm you out tbh



Can’t stop laughing at this


this is amazing


TheMediaKnowExactlyWhatThey’reDoing.jpg; the series continues


Tommy Robinson on GMB tomorrow morning ffs… i’m a bit confused about Piers Morgan , has he done some kind of reverse heel turn?


aye m8 tamping at the bit I was



Piers Morgan v Tommy Robinson on GMTV this morning :neutral_face:


is that actually real? for the millionth time, we really have gone through the looking glass and made all satire totally futile.


It says a lot when I’m not hoping his guest tears Morgan a new one :frowning:


He seems to have normalised himself. People are sharing Tommy Robinson videos on fb all the time. Scary stuff


I’ve watched him being interviewed and some of the interviewers have underestimated him. Dangerous character - he appeals to the prejudices of the Daily Mail comments section


yeah. he’s actually very good at interviews. this is the worrying thing, it’s why giving him a platform is dangerous. same with Milo.


He’s definitely become increasingly popular recently the Canadian media outlet Rebel Media even have him as one of their correspondents.


his name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

let’s not call him Tommy yeah?


Other names include Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris. Jesus Christ




FFS :angry:


It’s been on sale on Kindle for 99p all month I think, so would already have been pretty high on the bestselling list - there’s a few other dodgy ones on their monthly deals list this month as well from memory.