Stuff in your windows as seen from outside

Assuming lights are off and all people outside can see is window ledge or window adornments.

What’s on show?

Loads of junk? Nothing?

Usually just the cat sleeping next to the bonsai tree.

Spent so long living in student houses with cluttered windowsills blocking the light that I’m fucking allergic to putting anything on a windowsill now.

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Living room: candle, plants
M’s room: globe, bunting, plant
Kitchen: plants, hand cream, washing up liquid
Bedroom: plants
Bathroom: frosted glass but the abstract notion of plants and the back of a mirror

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Front window - nothing

If they’ve somehow scaled the back gate and are looking in the back window of the living room then they’ll see my tiny cactus and probably an empty mug of tea

Think only window with a window ledge with stuff on is kitchen one, old sludge beer bottles, did have a basil plant but it died

Kitchen window - food waste caddy, fairy liquid, boxes of cereal and stuff. again they’ll need to have scaled the back gate.

My bedroom - part of the huge headboard of my bed is visible with my lamp on top of it. maybe an empty cup or glass on the windowsill as per.

Nothing downstairs

First floor landing has a fake plant and sometimes a dog on the top floor landing being nosey…

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Oh then the abstract notion of spare toilet rolls

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We’re way up on the 2nd floor and most of our windows are skylights but

kitchen: me doing the dishes, big Fairy liquid, my beer growler.
little window in the spare room: cat usually (hence it’s known as the Mimi Window)

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two aldi carrots
a rainbow picture in the window
fake flower display
real basil plant
real flower display
yucca plant

not much in our windows, but my cycling route in and out of town has two things that interest me;

1/ the student houses on Cavendish street that all have a sofa in the window with a vacuum cleaner behind the sofa pressed up against the window. All of them. Does no-one ever want to keep the vacuum cleaner somewhere else? is it mandated to store it there, on such public view?

2/ the student flats I cycle past around Birley fields where the windows of the kitchens are up against the cycle path. I like to monitor which flats get the biggest stacks of dirty pots & plates (or not). Recently had a new intake of students so the naughty flats have all changed around. Great entertainment.


I posted about the yellow James vacuums just last week! Then after I did i went past them and…some have changed to blue! I was shook up tbqh.

Houseplants on 3 of them. Most of our windows are floor to ceiling though so not ideal for putting things on the sill. If we had more normal height window sills it would be more plants.


We have a bay window with a bench seat in it. It’s usually occupied by the dog.

Haha amazing attention to detail. I hadn’t clocked the colours, but I shall look especially carefully tomorrow now. Last year there was someone who was keeping a running tally of empty vodka bottles in the window of their student flat - along with the vacuum cleaner.


Very weird. I did wonder if they were serviced flats and the vacuums were stored in the same place for cleaners but then cleaners would just bring their own with them.

Very curious phenomena, maybe we should contact MMU for comment

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One of my least favourite things about my house is that I don’t have windowsills :slightly_frowning_face:

Although probably just as well in the living room because I wouldn’t be able to keep my spaniel off it.