Stuff people say that you like it when they say it


I like it when people say “ooh eck”, with no irony.


I like it when people say “Kiss me, you idiot”.


is that the new Yo La Tengo album title?

Stuff that you don't like it when people say it because it explains the thing that you already knew about



I like it when Geordie ladies call someone “pet”


like it when non british people start using british terms like ‘mate’


Dutch are incredible for this


when aussies say ‘get amongst it’


or No Dramas
or Fair Dinkum
or Too Easy
or Git koiioin (get keen)
or no, but it sounds like nyyoyoooyooyooyoooooyyo


Bowling Shane!


Breakfast is served
Lunch is served
Dinner is served


or Can I come on your tits, mate?




Oh man that’s wassup!


irate cabbies calling people facking cants when they have their windows open as they drive


Stay rude


When Radio 2 newsreaders get to say “unleaded is x pence at the pump”. Sounds like they’ve been gearing themselves up to say it


my american colleague uses “shite” quite a bit, which i find pretty delightful.


when my Lancashire grandparents say vegetables and the syllables are really distinct, like “ve-ge-ta-bulls”


My favourite Australianism is ‘jings’, used as a mild curse.