Stuff people say that you like it when they say it

It’s come up a couple of times with Aussies from work, but I don’t know where they got it from. I just assumed it was an Australian thing. Aw, jings!

I like it when the bus stops at The Old Vic theatre and the robotic voice calls it with this distinct sense of nostalgia, as if she’d spent a great portion of her youth treading the stage there and was thinking what could have been.

It sort of goes ‘The Ooold Vic’. Boy, I’ve got tales I could tell you about that place.

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Matt has a Swedish friend who calls him ‘chicken’ :heart:


like it when people use my name, used to make me cringe but now I’m like “aww they’re talking about me!”

“Jings, crivvens, help ma boab” is the full Scottish saying and I’ve never realised how utterly ridiculous it sounds until now

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I think it comes from the Oor Wullie comics now that I think about it

Thought jings was a fairly well known clichéd Scottish-ism like the noo. Maybe I’ve just listened to too much Hamish & Dougal

I enjoy English people that say medicine like med-sin with 2 syllables.

It is a very old lady thing to say but I think it might be coming back into fashion.

Nee bother, pet x

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Big fan of pet. I use it quite a lot

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I’ve returned from a long weekend visiting relatives in Newcastle today. I love pet. I am now determined to continue to use pet as my general catch all term of affection.

Wife - pet
Kids - pet
Dog - pet
Cat - pet
Wider family and friends - pet
Work colleagues - maybe not.


fancy a drink?

actually the second i posted that i thought to myself ‘yeah i do’ so i messaged the tv ‘fancy a drink?!’ so we’re off for a drink. good work me! :grinning:


I now christen it my favourite Scottish-ism


I have work colleagues that I would call pet, but i undesirables this isn’t the case with everyone

I would happily have used it with past work colleagues. However, I’m currently working out my notice in my current job. It might seem a bit odd to start using pet in that context.

Undesirables? Understand!

Eh say what you want then

I like it when people say undesirables instead of understand.

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