Stuff that’s considered great that would be considered really shit if someone else had done it

The OP is an excellent point. Much as I love and respect Ant, I don’t understand the Beatles thing one jot.

The whole point is that they did it first. Obviously if Silversun Pickups did that instead at that point of time, they would just be the equivalent of The Beatles.

The average week on DiS produces funnier jokes etc than those “top 10 at the Edinburgh Fringe” rundowns


I reckon hating on The National would be much more entertaining if the French did it


Ooh, I’m looking forward to that week. Geography week hasn’t been a barrel of laughs.

I don’t think anyone’s really come up with a good example except me. This isn’t the “things that are considered good that I think are shit” thread.


So you’re basically saying that smee posting on this thread is a good example?

(Also mine fit your criteria it was just a bit pedestrian)

I agree with your sentiment

I think the thing is that Robbie Williams making an album called Aladdin Sane has a very particulAr connotation. You dancing to no music is not relevant to you in particular.

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William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops if they had been done by Dominic Cummings