Stuff that should / shouldn't be fucked with - discussion followed by polls

I just couldn’t be bothered to do what you asked sorry. Couldn’t even be bothered to read your first post beyond the word HUMOUS.


Is this a Dutch thing, or are there loads of different humous flavours in UK supermarkets these days too?

Apology accepted

Sorry don’t speak Dutch and don’t have an enhance button either


  • Unfucked (margherita or maybe one other topping, normal base and sauce etc)
  • Fucked (stuffed crust, loads of toppings, bbq base etc)

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Thread rule amendment - pre-discussion rule struck from the statute book.

Did you hear that everyone, there has been a THREAD RULE AMENDMENT

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  • Make changes when the general public doesn’t respond positively to your ideas
  • Stick to your guns, have confidence in your convictions, be true to yourself

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The original context-free we’re just innocent men video

Sorry I totally misread the purpose of the thread!

Unfuck my thread
Say you love smee agaiiiin


I think everything in the world could be improved someway.
Nothing worse than authenticity.