Stuff that you don't like it when people say it because it explains the thing that you already knew about


I don’t like it when every now and then you’ll see someone say “It’s nice and al dente, it’s got a bit of bite” because I already know what “al dente” means so the second bit is unnecessary.

This is a thread for things like that but nobody is allowed to say “it’s like marmite, you either love it or you hate it” because that is in and of itself a ‘stuff that you don’t like it when people say it because it explains the thing that you already knew about’


Tautology, isn’t it not.


What is tautology?


Still think it should be ‘marmite, you either love it or should try using it more sparingly’


the saying of the same thing twice over in different words, generally considered to be a fault of style (e.g. they arrived one after the other in succession ).


Haddaway’s first draft was somewhat redundant




My pleasure.


*Thanks, I’m grateful for that




*My pleasure, happy to.



*hahahahaha, that was a funny post




During one of my interviews for university I was asked to define tautology, unfortunately at the time I had no fucking idea. “Taut… tight… when a sentence is very short?” Looking at me like I was a bit of an idiot, the interviewer kindly offered a prompt: “Something about repetition?” This magically kickstarted a memory of actually knowing what tautology was, and I blurted out, “Oh yes, expressing the same thing in multiple ways, like in Henry V when Fluellen says ‘He is a magnanimous man, a generous man, a kind-hearted man’” (I’ve just looked and no such quote exists, god knows where I pulled that from).

Anyway, I got the place, and now I’m a big shot writer guy.


I first heard it as a kid when my day returned from a parents’ evening appalled that a teacher had said ‘me, myself, personally’.


Nah, anyone who thinks they hate marmite aren’t going to be turned by more marmite, using less however they may be pleasantly surprised


I don’t like it when people say eg ‘have you seen that bit of Alan partridge, it’s well funny’.

And you say ‘yes of course I have seen it’

And then they proceed to quote the entire scene at you anyway but obviously nowhere near as well or funny as the actual actors.


Do you ever listen to Nick Abbot on LBC?


Not that I know of (no)