Stuff that you don't like it when people say it because it explains the thing that you already knew about

I like the word “rebuked” but I’m sorry that you experienced it

People need to be told @anon5266188. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t have started a thread about it. I received my admonishment, and now I’ll never make the same mistake again, except perhaps when a discussion comes up about tautology.

I don’t think people need to be told about minor things like this really

I’m still not going to try it again.

I don’t even put extra salt on my food. Except for chips, of course. With malt vinegar. Otherwise, no salt.

‘Tory bellend’


Next time just say “I love the smell of THE LIFE-BLOOD OF THE STONES” because that’s what petrichor means.


“England’s only world class player, Jesse Lingard”

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honestly, you lot sometimes!

Nah, this thread is specific to phrases like Al Dente and Marmite. Hearing people explain things is always good.

The study of rich chocolate desserts.

Thunderbirds etc.


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It’s like it’s like marmite - you either either unnecessarily divide the world into binary choices…or you don’t.

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I don’t think you needed to use “it’s like” twice. Completely unnecessary.

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You patronising bloody bastard

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I already knew that.

Ha, genuine typo.

I reckon I know about 10% of what you know

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