Stuff that you don't like it when people say it because it explains the thing that you already knew about

You patronising bloody bastard

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I already knew that.

Ha, genuine typo.

I reckon I know about 10% of what you know

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Has anyone thought of an example if this yet?

*hahaha, lol

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this is one of those posts that reminds me that i definitely went to a shit school

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Im sorry but its like marmite could mean 2 things so shut up ant

i get a bit annoyed by fake sounding laugh tracks or laughter on shows that would tonally work better without, but the rest of the time it’s fine and it’s weird that people get sniffy about it. just supposed to replicate the atmosphere of live entertainment rather than “telling you when to laugh” isn’t it?


Didn’t get your Hogwarts letter, huh?

over the years i’ve grown to like a lot of food that i hated when i was younger. i felt convinced that i would now find Marmite delicious so i bought a jar of it a year or two ago.

took one bite of a piece of Marmite on toast and it was absolutely rank. had to spit it out and bin the whole jar immediately. what a waste.

it tastes of much, much, much more than just salt.


have you ever watched the big bang theory, or two and a half men?

i mean obviously don’t

yeah. both live audiences watching a show.

not much.

does your method remove all of the taste? only then will i be convinced.

if it just makes it taste like salt then i could just sprinkle on some salt instead.

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in the spirit of the thread i’ve just spotted someone on twitter saying “1am in the morning”


This reminds me of being on an Overground platform in East London a couple of years ago.

Two teenage girls who knew each other were on different platforms and talking to each other.

Girl 1: What time is it?

Girl 2: There’s a clock up there. [points to 24 hour clock]

Girl 1: Yeah, but I don’t understand them clocks.

Every one within earshot just stops what they’re doing and stare at her like she’s an alien.

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One of the main reasons I avoid British NFL coverage. “Some of you are probably new here, so let’s explain the basics. A first down is when…”

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“In my head, I was thinking…”

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I posted about my dislike of “in my head” on here before and no one agreed with me