Stuff that you don't really know about and you'd like to know more about it but only in the form of a good summary

I don’t know anything about the varying political situations in the Balkans with the breakup of Yugoslavia and that and about who was fighting who about what etc.

This is something that I’d like to read a good summary of.

what exactly economics is all about

You’d like to know more about it? Why!?

how do i millionaire

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This isn’t a stuff.

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I’ve never understood how scripted reality TV programmes work. Do the characters already do their jobs? Who tells them what to do? It just entirely confuses me.


This series, and the accompanying book were excellent:

(though five hours isn’t really a summary)

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The best bit is the end of The Hills where it pulled out to reveal a studio set or whatever. Very good.

I’m listening to a book called Sapians at the moment that I’m finding really interesting, mostly because it’s giving a great overview of a lot of different things I hadn’t realised I knew so little about.

Highly recommended.

Scooby Doo needs one to guarantee a table at a restaurant. Not sure there’s much more to it than that.

Thanks, friend. This looks like just the ticket!

I’ve read the sequel but not the first one. It was dead bleak but good.

I was just talking about Scooby Doo elsewhere (on here though obviously)! How odd!

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I’m dipping into that occasionally whilst reading something else, really enjoy what I’ve read so far though.

Really old folk music, y’know, minstrels and the cuckoo song and such.

I don’t really like folk music.

I think I like at least some of practically all genres of music that I know of

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I don’t think I like any country and western music at all, I also don’t think I like any ska, death metal or anything like that

MYOB mate