Stuff that's hard to clean



yes thinking this the other day - they are grim

the zester bits of graters

the big grater bits are ok as long as you go in the right direction


is there a definitive sieve washing technique? something must have worked this out by now


I stick it in the dishwasher but always feel like I have failed.


This is now the cycling thread

jockey wheels

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is it though

Cassette and rear derailleur

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Not in the shower but from a shit with shit paper, aye hen.

freehub pawls

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you don’t have to eat off it or anything, just get the shite off

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Others may wish to eat off it.

Camelbak nipples

I remember being made to help clean the brass in church as a youth taking absolutely ages because of all the knobbly bits of Jesus.

is this a euphemism

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Considering I was about 11 at the time, I hope not.

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getting stuck in with the washing up brush for me - plus lots of rinsing