Stuff that's hard to clean

Considering I was about 11 at the time, I hope not.

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getting stuck in with the washing up brush for me - plus lots of rinsing

Neglected bbq


In my youth I took a days casual work cleaning machines in a packaging factory - they made tins and stuff but it was more small batches for prototypes/ testing and the like rather than a full on production line.

Those things were greasy and dusty and no fun at all to clean.

What am I lookin at?

I don’t know, what are you looking at?

The outside of second floor windows where only one side opens (and you don’t have an extension pole to do it from the ground)

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What am I meant to be looking at?

Serge Pauwels @thewarn

plungy bit of the cafetiere

you asking me what’s in the picture?

the picture that is described in the OP directly above the picture?

Just to be helpful but I would clean that with a wet cotton bud (although the plastic wastage may somewhat negate your reusable cup).

Yes I was asking because I can’t see anything wrong with it. And re-reading your post you seem to be speaking in made up language :woman_shrugging:

Sorry this sounds like I’m having a go but I was genuinely asking cause I couldn’t see anything.


bear in mind this is post clean


the little crevice is off centre and is much tighter at the bottom so you can’t get anything in there

@lonzo don’t think a cotton bud would fit

Maybe a specialist one for cleaning out urethras

where’s the best place to get one of those @theo ?

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You need one of these dental brushes

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Ooof, me urethra!

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