Stuff to do in Luxembourg City and Bruges?

Preferably inexpensive and not involving beer because it’s gross. I’m going on holiday tomorrow and I haven’t actually got round to looking up what there is to do in either of these cities. Is there anything to do in Luxembourg?? Do either of these countries do their own ciders?

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Been to Luxembourg once, on a Sunday. Nothing was open. Hope that helps.


I’ve not been to Luxembourg. Bruges is almost unfeasibly picturesque, not an ugly building in the place. Unfortunately I made the mistake of going on a Monday; pretty much everywhere was closed (as the hotel receptionist gleefully informed me when I arrived late the night before). It was also belting down with rain and after trudging round in that for a bit I almost found myself sympathising with the Owen Farrell character in the eponymous film.

Do you like lace? LOADS of lace in Bruges.

Go on a boat trip down the canals
Climb the belfort
Groeningmuseums good- hieronymous Bosch etc
Really nice just to walk around - get off the 2 main streets though cos they’ll be full of elderly Brita in coach tours

Haven’t been to Luxembourg but have been to Bruges a couple of times. It’s a very pretty city for just walking around. You can also take a boat trip on the canals which is nice enough. There’s a tour of one of the breweries - good views of the city from the roof terrace and you get a free beer at the end. There’s a decent art museum and about a million chocolate shops. There’s a place off the main square called Soup that does soup and a panini for about €5 - good for a cheap lunch.

Learn to like beer you absolute bertram.


Owen Farrell


Not to be confused with England fly half Colin Farrell…

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Go see something at the Rockhal? awesome venue in the middle of industrial estate. Luxembourg isn’t exactly rammed with stuff to do. It is a very nice place though.

I was in Luxembourg a couple of months ago on tour. Don’t know much, but I can tell you where you can get a nice expensive bee… ah bollocks.

Cycled through Luxembourg City the other week. I visited a nice bike cafe, but that was it. Sorry. Could tell you where to go in Echternach if you like but it’s mainly full of old people are pretty boring. Luxembourg’s countryside is GREAT tho.

As for Bruges, go to all the bars and the Half Man Brewery.

Oh ffs you don’t like beer.

The whole of Belgium is extremely beery. In Luxembourg they have shit domestic lager (Diekirch, Bofferding) or Belgian imports. Good luck.

They do a Luxembourgish cider in my hostel and it’s proper nice :ok_hand: Cheers everyone for the recommendations!

The one that i only got me interested there is using the boat for trip around the canal.