Stuff you almost gave up on but persevered with and are now delighted that you did so

Athletico Mince
Bojack Horseman



Game of Thrones
Playing bass

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Gravity’s Rainbow :sob:

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liking because I’m glad you didn’t give up on us.

I never gave up on DiS.

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guitar - I found it really frustratingly hard and painful for the first couple of months, nearly gave up. Really glad I didn’t because without it I wouldn’t have done anything cool.

I was flirting with the idea of totally giving up on making music a few years ago. Really glad I didn’t. I’m still not exactly prolific, but I’ve made some of the stuff I’m most proud of in the last two years or so (and have several ideas knocking about in my head).


your stuff is really good! Never give up x

Basically everything I like. If it provides instant gratification I usually assume it’s shite.

My degree


Getting ‘back in shape’.
Life. It’s sometimes fine.

saving up money to move out

I completely regret listening to the “it gets better” crowd.

The leftovers
Trying my first rollmop


fruity loops 12

yr balla pal i told you before, i listen to yr stuff all the time.

Playing bass. Broke my arm in five places weeks after buying my first bass at the age of fifteen. Couldn’t play for months, eventually gave up at nineteen as I had no-one to play with. Picked it back up at twenty-three and I’m so glad I did. It’s helped me make so many friends and has made me so happy in the past few years.


Dark Souls 2

Skyward sword.

Really? I sacked it off, should I try again?

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