Stuff You Do In Duplicate At Work

“Update the status of what’s ready on Confluence ma0sm”
“Why? It’s all in Jira, I’ll probably forget something and it’ll be out of date. Jira’s always accurate.”
“The management team want to know what the latest status is.”
“They can use Jira, it has reports.”
“Let’s add it to Confluence too to make it easier for them.”


Confluence Man


Also add things to confluence so someone who can’t be bothered to look at tableau can see what’s happening.

Just JIRA things

I barely know 'er

I’ve made a spreadsheet to automatically generate tableau and powerpivot formula, and do most things in both tableau and excel. Tableau is much quicker and better but people fear change so have to do everything in excel

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tell everyone to pick up the phones

I have to enter my holidays on my outlook calendar, on the group intraweb site, and on the attendance spreadsheet.

“Ooh ah, up JIRA”

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