Stuff you do over the sink

Just ate an orange over the sink as I’m wearing a cream jumper. What else do you do over the sink? Obviously brushing teeth and washing face, but anything else we perhaps wouldn’t expect?

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I washed my shit stained shoes in the bath yesterday, if that helps?

He said the sink. So, no.

Were you in the bath while doing it?

That’s the sort of thing I was hoping for, although it does raise a lot of questions. Could you have not hosed them down outside?

Was really expecting this to say ‘tender young length’.


Yeah, guess I could have.

Why didn’t you just take the jumper off, or not make a mess of the orange?

I was in the adjoining bath.

I’m not really sure I’m eating oranges in the correct manner, but i do make a helluva lot of mess

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If this was the “taking off your jumper” thread you’d be asking him why he didn’t just eat it over the sink!

Bit of hair trimming.

Are you taking the pith?

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do you peel them first?

Does that not block the sink?

This is true, but I can’t find that thread.

No, I take a knife, cut out wedges, and press them into my teeth so the juice spurts into my mouth. I then throw the peel/empty flesh wedge into the bin, and repeat until the orange is finished.

clip my nails. The missus doesn’t like it though and says I should use a bin.