Stuff you don't know

It occurred to me this morning that I don’t know why I have to put salt in the dishwasher.

I could easily find out but…

What do you not know?

how old photography developing works…

dark room… paper in a tray of water… hang the paper on a line… ??


Where to buy shoes
Who sells not minging shoes

it stops limescale and softens the water so your dishes get cleaner

(this is what I assume anyway - never Marckeed it)

I don’t know what the vinegar is supposed to do in egg poaching

fucking nowhere sells nice shoes m80

been trying to find some non-shite ones for ages now.

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why bikes stay upright when they’re moving but fall over when they’re not

#tintct :biking_man: :biking_woman: :biking_man: :biking_woman:

How my car works.
I could no doubt save ££££££s every year by sorting stuff out myself rather than paying an overpriced grease monkey who (I’m sure) laughs at me the minute I agree to pay what he asks for to do (I’m sure) a two minute job

I think we did this thread before, and I said photograph developing too. That prompted me to read up on it, and I still don’t understand it really.

How to ride a bike no-handed.

Like, any time I see even a professional cyclist doing this, I get all twitchy.

I think I know just about everything now

You’re right.

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No one actually knows the proper answer to this

dead clever. chemicals are involved. i think @tilly has done some?

Mate - no-one knows the answers to ANY of this. Including the dishwasher thing.

Doesn’t acid set the proteins or some such wizardry? I didn’t add it previously, and poached fairly decent eggs. I do add it now, and still poach a good egg. Has anything changed? Who can possibly know?


I just buy them directly from brand websites now (or other places that stock name brands for cheaper or when they’re on sale).

I really like filling up that salt thing. Can’t be arsed to do it often, but when I summon the energy, I enjoy it.

Who was phone


I don’t understand how, but lowering the pH of the water makes the eggs coagulate at a lower temperature. This is meant to be a good thing, for some reason.

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