Stuff you like that you don't think many others do (oddities)


Vague title I know but I what the hell. Basically I have a soft spot for medieval music and stuff like that. It’s not like I stick it on if I want a banging tune or something but when I’m trying to concentrate or just clear my mind I end up listening to albums like this:


Anyway, here’s a thread for those oddities you put on sometimes.


This just makes me want to listen to Enigma…


Sa d(i moi)


Exaggeratedly whispers: Mea Culpa

In answer to your thread, the psychill/psydub genre is my love that is shared by very few DiSers.


what are you bellends on about?


have you heard of The Donnas


I have actually


I know…it’s only Baroque n roll but I like it


I love the band Rainbow


Pablo Honey