Stuff you persevered with but wish you'd given up on quicker

Negativity ahoy!

Rabbit Run by Updike; famous acclaimed book, pretty short, had some very striking writing that kept drawing me back in. That said, all came to nothing, hated every character, very much turned me off all novels about similar themes (at least currently).



Probably the worst book I’ve ever read, and I stuck with it to the very end.

[[[ QI KLAXXON ]]]



Probably Hearthstone too, tbh.

The Corrections


played Hearthstone for a little over 3 months after it came out. Yeah, was pretty shit.

my bachelor degree
could’ve studied something cool instead

Fear The Walking Dead


It is what it is and I can definitely see the appeal, but for me that’s time I could be spending playing other similar games that I enjoy way more, so… why

Living in London. Even though I met some amazing people who will be friends for life, if I ma honest with myself my heart was never fully in it and I should never have spent nearly three, almost exclusively homesick, years there. Having said that, had I not stayed there I may never have met My Banbeano at Zonino (not that I actually remember much about that night and it was many years after until he became MB, but still. FATE AND THAT.)

Playing bassoon. It was the same size as me and I looked like I was being hugged by a tree when I tried to play it. Rubbish man.




What’s Updike?


My sister’s asked me if I want to be “godfather again” to my second niece (there’s another one now). I’m not godfather to the first one. I know this because I was really relieved about not having to have the “I’ll do it if you want but I don’t consider myself to be a Catholic any more” conversation.

just felt really unbalanced tbh. Plus, as with all strategy games, reading about the meta put me right off.

I think the balance has always been mostly fine. I’m all about the meta for these things, they’re all really strategically shallow otherwise.

just remember being absolutely destroyed by Hunters (and everyone seemed to be playing Hunter during that period) due to unleash the hounds who I think were like 2/3 or something stupid at the time and hunter’s mark.

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och it’s fine. Just fake it till you make it. Trainboy’s brother (proddy) is godfather to our wee one, and it makes no difference if you’re a raging heathen (or worse, a proddy). :scream::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Get on with it. and then get pissed on lots of fizz :cocktail::champagne::champagne:

Oh yeah that combo was really strong for a while, wasn’t it. Very low skill floor, fast deck, so obviously everyone was on it to rank up.

I already replied “Of course!” because it was the same text asking if I could make the date. Crafty.