Stuff you used to enjoy regularly on youtube that have now disappeared


Old episodes of Room 101 hosted by Paul Merton - especially the John Peel episode.

An outtake from ‘Summer Heights High’ in which Mr G does a version of ‘Sk8r Boi’.


The song ‘Nerdy Boys’ by Candypants


I was about to say Angel by Speak the Hungarian Rapper (the lesser-known follow-up to Stop the War), which disappeared for a long time, but it’s actually back under a new (Hungarian?) name! Thank you for helping me discover this:


Have to go to DailyMotion now for amazing boy bob :triumph:


You had me worried there for a second KM, but it’s still there :kissing:


It was taken down for a while I think but Danny Dyer Opera House is online… phew.


Atheists, sometimes they’d argue with each other, but mostly with Christians. There was this jolly Texan guy who paid for his own public tv time and he was very funny and eloquent when puritans rang in.


You bastard


Just went to check this was still there




Rick Parfitt and Brian Pern doing a Christmas song