Stuff you were fed as a kid 🍍🌶🍕🥧

Weird combinations that you have either

  • never had since
  • continued into adult life

my Irish nan was the main cook as my mum was working two jobs

she let me have whatever i wanted

‘do you want another bacon sandwich, Jack?’ ‘do you want another round of tea and toast Jack?’

she’s convinced people aren’t happy unless they’re stuffing their faces

no weird combinations as such, I was always in charge because she was a walkover and I was a brat.

edit: i mention that she’s Irish because this seems to be a very Irish mammies and nannies trait from what I’ve heard.


My gran was once really high and fed me chutney on toast instead of jam and wouldn’t believe me when I said it tasted wrong.




My Dad was left in charge of lunch duties once when we were all secondary school age (except my little bro) and there was a really good bit where he presented us with Billy Bear sandwich meat, that sandwich meat that looks like an adorable bear called Billy and it’s for young children.

The big lad still gets absolute pelters left and right for that to this day.


not weird but my dad once took me and my sister to McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and tea. what a day


Just (always slightly undercooked) plain, peeled, unseasoned boiled potatoes with literally every dinner. @profk would have loved it.

Never eaten them since.


I was a fussy eater when I was young and refused to eat a whole bunch of stuff the rest of the family would eat. My poor exasperated mum had to throw something together for me seprately and one night made the frankly genius decision to cook one of those massive Aunt Bessie yorkshire pudding monstrosities and chuck a tin of meatballs in tomato sauce in it.

Loved it I did. Still have it every now and again as comfort food.

My mum still hasn’t got over the fact that almost the minute I left home I suddenly decided to eat pretty much anything. That poor, poor woman.


half spaghetti hoops half baked beans


It’s all the food groups on a plate.

Our child minder used to feed us canned mashed potato. Awful, in case you were wondering.

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fuck that sounds good

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i didn’t even know they made canned mash potato

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Cheese and jam sandwiches.

I’ll still have one every now and then. A delight.

japes didn’t know
that they made
canned mashed potato!


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I always have couple of tins in the cupboard and puddings in the freezer now. Keeps for ages, can knock it together in 10 minutes. Lovely stuff.

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Used to have a mate at school who sounded exactly like Badger off of Bodger and Badger and we used to try and get him to say “mashed potato” all the time but the prick never would. He’s one of my few mates from school who is no longer in contact with any of us (for some reason, probably unrelated)


wait till you find out about Oral B and toothpaste

Everything we ate was perfectly regular if I recall correctly.

Although my Dad banned my Mum from buying me Muller Crunch Corner yoghurts because I “didn’t eat them properly”. Just used to eat the corner bit first then eat the yoghurt. He got pretty livid. Weird guy.

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Slices of apple and cheese as a main meal

Don’t make that joke pls