Stuff you've bought in error off the internet because of your own stupid fault - a thread brought to you by your friends @andyvine and @jeremys_iron



Bought the three disc version of The Force Awakens but my Blu-ray player can’t play the ultra hd 4k disc anyway so I might as well have bought the two disc version.

I checked literally none of this before buying it, obviously.

your second one is amazing!

and you don’t even like star wars!

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ban request


Tried to buy my favourite football kit of all time twice online. Both times I bought a Small, both times I received a Youth Small. I now own two YS sized 94/95 season Chelsea away kits. Two of these.


:grinning: exactly what I was after, thanks man.

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I bought a couple of cycling jerseys off Wiggle that were a size too small. Thought they’d be fine since I’d be losing weight from all this exercise anyway, so no need to return them.

I have since gained weight.


My mum bought my dad a telescope thinking it was a tabletop one.

It arrived and it was huge. When you put it in its storage position with the telescope pointing straigh up, it was taller and wider than my mum (5’5" 8 stone woman)



cycling clothing sizing is fucking madness

someone bought me a medium top as a present and you would honestly struggle to put an 8 year old child into it

The actual telescope bit (now how do i describe this?) had a circumference that is bigger than your head span (head span??)


Half my wardrobe is like this :smiley: :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Bought some macrame rope from Etsy.

It arrived in 2 teeny tiny spools and was about 0.5mm in width.

I bought 4 plate holders for some nice Rob Ryan plates I was gifted. They’re small cake plates.

The plate holders arrived absolutely huge and I think they were for like silver award shields?


Bought a vape online (which was actually recommended by someone on here) for £15 and it was terrible. Did some proper research and bought a significantly better one for a similar price.

Not really a big deal but £15 is a lot of money on my budget.

A few years ago I bought tickets to the Pearl Jam UK tour. They were an absolute steal at only £14, couldn’t believe my luck. Obviously not long afterwards it dawned on me that I would be seeing Pearl Jam UK, the tribute band. Decided to go anyway, was brilliant.


(Also bought size 11 kids trainers for myself)


Shit wasn’t one I recommended was it?

name and shame!