Stuff you've bought in error off the internet because of your own stupid fault - a thread brought to you by your friends @andyvine and @jeremys_iron

Fucking hell, I’d forgotten about this.

Nah can’t remember who it was. Don’t think it was a regular

Bought this off amazon but my PS2 doesn’t play the purple discs anymore >:(

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Was it that tiny one I recommended? Sorry if so :frowning:

i was talking about stuff like this the other day. used to work for a ticketing company and sold tickets for Kings Ov Leon, a terribly, terribly named Kings Of Leon tribute band. got loads of people ringing asking for refunds and we had to turn them down. these idiots thought theyd be seeing actual Kings Of Leon in a pub in folkestone or something for a fiver and there were still tickets available after it had been on sale for months

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Holy hell.

:rofl: It was only £2.50! At least a day of entertainment!!!


Ha! Never heard of it before but a very enlightening google image search there.

@anon29812515 didn’t you buy some knock off NMH tix off ebay?

In my defense, they were playing the O2 academy (or a side room as it happened), and Sheffield is a big city extremely likely to attract big US bands, it could totally have happened, and £14, well, they might have decided…

I absolutely should have immediately known.

I bit the bullet and put a very ambitious Zara shirt in the last charity bag. I bought it when my weight loss was going well and it was slightly too small then. Obviously that turned out to be the slimmest I’d get, and it’s been annoying me ever since.

Fucking Zara, though. I don’t think I can get my fucking shoulders into one of their shirts, far less my rippling gut.

Nah it was this massive tube thing which tasted really plasticy and had a low battery life

Nope. I tried to sell some for less than cost but every single person (other than me) on this website is a massive bellend.


Don’t even go anywhere near Zara or H&M. Much prefer shops that flatter my ego with their sizings rather than destroy it.



i got tricked into seeing a har mar superstar tribute act.

har mar superstarrr i think he was called. i mean, fuck sake.


The thing that tipped me over the edge with Zara was trying on a pair of shoes there and them being too small. Even my feet are too fat to shop there.

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entirely my fault though for just going by one person’s opinion, I was in a rush to get one as I needed it before the weekend. My attitude was just surely someone who posts on a site full of radiohead fans can’t be wrong

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Not really an error on my part…well I guess my error is buying cheap stuff on eBay…

My Fitbit strap broke so I bought a cheap, black one off eBay. That arrived and one of the straps broke almost immediately. I asked for a replacement, which was dispatched but I was away for 2 weeks so decided to get another one sent from a different supplier to my Glasgow address since they were only a couple of pounds. Went with a nice blue one this time since I wear a lot of blue. Blue strap arrived and yes, you’ve guessed it, one of the straps was faulty.

So I’m now currently setting a new fashion trend because I’m too cheap to buy the official Fitbit strap…


I have one like this from Ebay

It’s perfect! I can’t do that silicone straps as I’m too sweaty.

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