Stupid book

Apologies for the sort of rebooted thread.

Because I’ve moved house I’ve got my haul of unsold books back. For the uninitiated, a few years back I was bored some wrote some ‘poems’, and they led to me writing this book.

If you’d like one, for a tenner I’ll post it along with some postcards with very similar content.

Thanks again for everyone’s support in the first place, you’re good people.

Also, now I’m in a house I can finally get the audiobook. Additional thanks to everyone who’s offered help with that - if you’re still interested please PM me and we’ll put a nice thing together :slightly_smiling_face:



I bought this when you first did it and it’s great :smiley:. Would make an excellent Xmas present DiScrew!

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Seconded on all accounts

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Although I won mine in the raffle

As chief of purchasing please link to this in:

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Very kind, thanks.

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Hate doing stuff like this, but will do. Thanks.

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