Stupid guitar question please help me thread


Guitar isn’t making any sound through my amp. Bought a new cable because I assumed the cable was broken (it was very cheap) but that hasn’t made a difference. I get hum through the amp but absolutely nothing (not even violent crackly sounds when I wiggle the cable around) to indicate a guitar’s plugged in.

Haven’t got anything else I could plug into the amp to test if it’s the amp that’s broken.

Am I likely to be missing something very obvious or does it sound like the connection on either the guitar or amp is fucked? Is this something I could fix relatively easily myself if yes?

I’d really like to make some loud noises this evening.


is it a valve amp?


also the amount of people who haven’t actually checked the volume knob is turned up, including me, is pretty big


I have fiddled interminably with all the knobs, including volume and gain, unfortunately!
Nah, it’s a little Orange Crush.


Plug the cable into your amp and put your finger on and off the other end of the cable. You should get some kind of noticeable buzz which would rule out amp/cable.

Try whatever variables you have, different amp channels?


Only got one input/one output.
No sound whatsoever from the old finger on the cable—does that indicate it’s the amp’s fault?
Thank you for helping me with this—I’ve had a guitar for years but am still a total ignoramus when it comes to how any of it actually works.


If the finger trick isn’t making any sound then the problem is with your amp


Still got your old cable to try? Not unheard of for new cables to fail but otherwise does seem to point to the amp aye.


Bummer! No joy with the old cable either. Likely to just be a loose connection in the amp I can patch up/solder myself, or worth taking to a shop?


Depends how handy you are i guess but for me i leave that stuff to the pros!


Yeah I think I just needed someone to tell me that so I didn’t feel like a failure taking it to the shop tomorrow. Thanks for your help, chaps!


If there’s no sound at all from the amp it will almost undoubtedly be a blown fuse in the amp


I looked at the manual
There’s a little mains fuse in a pull-out fuse tray below the IEC mains input. It’ll likely be that

Pop it out & have a look - it should look like this so you’ll be able to see if it’s burnt through


EDIT - great, I will check that out!


A blown fuse in the plug would mean it wouldn’t switch on at all

Depending on how the power supply is configured that also might be the case for a blown ‘mains fuse’ but not necessarily

It sounds more likely to be a blown fuse in the amp itself (as opposed the PSU) or maybe a bad capacitor

I’m not suggesting that it WILL be the mains fuse, I’m saying you can have a look and rule that in/ out fairly easily


Sorry, I worked that out immediately after already having posted—hence the edit! Thank you for the suggestion, I’m just having a look now (Y).


Don’t have a camera, annoyingly. Pretty sure the filament is intact, though. Grumble.


ah well

Worth a try


This sounds similar to something I went through - the problem turned out to be that the input jack socket needed resoldering. I managed to do it myself using a YouTube video and I’m grossly incompetent. Have a go!


Check the cable going into the speaker, if it is a combo it is unlikely to have disconnected itself but it’s possible. Also if the little fuse has blown there might be a reason for it and it will just blow again but guess it is worth a try as it’s easy to swap out. Make sure you keep the amp at low volumes when troubleshooting as if there is a fault cranking the volume might do more damage