Stupid phone games

I’m thinking for mental health reasons I need to spend less time using my phone to read about CoV and more time playing stupid phone games. Any recommendations? I’ve been playing the shit out of Spider Solitaire but after 509 rounds it’s starting to get a little boring.

Been playing recently:
Football Strike
Rescue Cut
New Star Soccer/Cricket
Flick Champions

Troll Patrol is a clone of Dungeon Raid, which I used to be obsessed with.

Trying various match 3 RPG things but they’re all the fucking same really. Hunters & Puzzles is at least the nicest looking one so far.

To my eternal shame, I’m kiiiiiind of enjoying Might & Magic Chess Royale but it’s a stupid autochess game, with its saving grace being that it’s quicker than the other ones.

Legend of Solgard is a cool match 3 sort of tower defense thing

Been playing Pop Time which is by Simon’s Cat

Also like Polytopia

i used to like alto’s adventure

Alphabear 2 and Threes are my go to games. 80 days is a really cool narrative adventure game too.

Twinfold is also pretty good but my mate got like umpteen million points on it and I can’t get over a few thousand so it makes me feel like an utter chump now.


Do you play any of them dumb gem/candy games that basically play themselves and are just a bunch of colours and in-app purchases?

  • Boy do I!
  • I do not!

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Puzzles and Empires is the best “dumb candy game”. Been playing it for a few months now.

If anyone wants an invite to the game it means we both get bonuses or some kind of nonsense, so PM me your e-mail address if you like and I’ll send out an invite :slight_smile: