Stupid, pointless things you do to entertain yourself


I send clown emojis to my family on WhatsApp because they all hate it and I think it’s hilarious.

Sometimes I flick my gerbil on the nose until he looks really indignant. Other times I brush his fur into an attempt at a mohican.


See if I can flick frozen peas off the garden table and hit one of our ducks or chickens



Post on DiS.

I like to ‘write’ people I see on (eg) the tube. Inventing a backstory, motivation for their journey, secret super powers etc.


If I’m a passenger in a car, I find a smudge on the window and move my head to navigate it around telephone poles and things.


I do that!


i like to imagine that the plane / train / lift has crashed and everyone on it has to survive together. i try and work out which factions would form, who would side with who, who the traitor would be, who’d go insane and try and kill everyone



stick famous song lyrics into google translate then run it through a few languages before translating back to English.

Born to run (through german and then japanese):

The highway is packed with broken heroes at the last opportunity Powerdrive
Everyone is running tonight
But there is no more room for hiding
With Wendy, we can live with sorrow
I love you with all the insanity of my soul
Oh, what girl I do not know
We will come to this place
Where we really want to go
And we get into the sun
But until then, a tram like us
Babies born to run us


I send my family members this picture every now and then with just “Thoughts?” as the accompanying message.


Masturbation and watching football


I also will pick half dozen different muscles to represent different types of object (eg lighting column, car, road sign) and tense them for a fraction of a second as they ‘touch’ the edge of the window as we pass them on the motorway.


surprised they haven’t kicked you out


YES! Me too! Like my own version of the Star Guitar video




I used to do similar, but I’d imagine Sonic the Hedgehog running alongside the car.


careful you’re not actually hurting your pet there with the second one!


try and find an address/landmark using google maps and just looking at street names. Like if someone on the news says Wandsworth prison I’ll go on google maps and start trying to look for it.


i quite enjoy snooping around big stately homes and stuff like that on google maps


Next week I’m sharing with a colleague the drive between SF and LA and back. I’ve probably spent about an hour doing street view on various landmarks and stuff. Google maps/street view is a huge timewaster for me!