Stupid, pointless things you do to entertain yourself

Make up little rhymes about my ex-line manager’s boobs. A Titty Ditty, I call them. Yes, I’m aware it’s horrible. Yes, I’m aware it’s creepy. Yes, I’m trying to stop. Yes, I’m aware my life is hitting rock-bottom…

Another head smudge navigator here…

The old blue last
£5/£4 NUS


I’d pretend that smudge was Mario when I did it.


Also works as the title of the new Fall album :smiley:


If I’m singing anything whilst at home and I see the cat - the lyrics instantly change to be about him.


More of the same pointless, random Google Maps-ing. Dropping streetview in random places, following roads, railways, rivers, etc. Usually with Wikipedia open at the same time and reading about various things I encounter on my ‘travels’.


It’s just too much fun, and it’s given me loads of knowledge about my local area too!

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Someone’s just posted on the Facebook event for their tournament that my first Countdown ex has signed up for it. (We stopped speaking for over 2 years after he ruined my life but we’ve been mates again for the last year.) For literally no reason whatsoever i entertained myself by doing an angry react on it and posting a gif of a dancing potato. Keep laughing at it too even though it’s totally not actually funny.

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two people have clicked that link

i play fetch with the cat and have just taught him to sit. will try to upload a vid if i get the chance. he seems to enjoy it tbh. very weird but loveable little guy.

bit of a darker one but sometimes when i take a piss i flush the toilet before i’m finished and try to finish before the flush does.

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This is incredible. Just put Toto ‘Africa’ through Swahili and French:

I hear the dance talk tonight
But he feels only the anxiety of a quiet conversation
He’s coming, run 12:30
Swords lit by the moon show the stars that lead me to salvation

I finished an old man along the way
You would expect to find forgotten words or past songs
She turned to me and said, “Quickly boy, it’s waiting for you”

It will take a lot to get away from you
There were only 100 or more people
I bless the rain in Africa
We will take the time to do things that we did not have

Wild dogs cry at night
While they relax, they want a private company
I know what to do
The Kilimanjaro certainly develops like Olympus on the Serengeti


started reading lore of fictional universes I don’t care about (all of them, apart from lord of the rings to be precise) to get me to sleep.

getting really deep into Warhammer 40k lore right now.

load of bullshit isn’t it?


I do this shit all the time. Fucking no idea why I get so invested in it.

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When I’m walking around I often jump and try and spin around 360º if I think the street is empty. I repeat it a few times going clockwise and anti clockwise until I’m satisfied. I fucking love doing it.


not sure if this really counts as entertainment, but on occasion if i can’t sleep or something, working out how many were going to st ives in my head (not one, obviously)

Had a few WhatsApp ones; I used to like posting the Easter Island head emoji in a large group, and, when overexcited with friends, I once uploaded a .wav file entitled ‘ghost trump’ that resulted in us being described as “silly sausages”.

Today, I left my placement twenty minutes after my hometime because I was having so much fun with the Mac’s text-to-speak thing. Made it do stand-up at first, and then just devolved into random strings of swear words.

There are many more examples.

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In that situation, I often make up stupid radio shows in my head.

One example was a ‘guilty pleasures’ show where the presenter was actually an undercover cop and would try to shift the conversation from cheesy songs one guiltily likes to encouraging listeners to call in to confess to unsolved murders.

Another one featured an interview with a TV presenter who had a late-night TV show where he’d knock on peoples’ doors at 3 in the morning if their lights were on and ask “why are you still awake?”, which became such a cult smash that they moved it to a prime time slot, at which point the question became a very strange one and the ratings tanked and his career was ruined.


if i enter an empty room i’ll look straight ahead and say ‘i can see you, you know’

one of these times it’ll pay off


Big into reading stupid fan theories on programs and films I’ve never seen. Preferably stuff where it’s not just ‘x is dead’ or ‘the whole thing is in y’s head’