Stupid recent injuries

On Saturday morning I tripped over the top stair/my Stormtrooper slippers and quite badly twisted my (already a bit fucked) knee.


I bruised my forehead yesterday removing a pedal from my bike. I can’t wait for it to appear. It hurts.

Did you smack yourself in the head with the pedal?

Were you wearing storm trooper slippers too?


and/or were in a rush because you quite badly needed a poo?

I was using such force to get it off that when it finally gave way, I headbutted the stand the bike was on :+1:


Imagine having to get out of your cycling leotard in the throes of a poo panic…

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It’s a shame there wasn’t an easyJet steward around to make you wear your helmet.


I had to do that this morning. Great times.

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another pedal related injury: foot slipped off and i mashed my shin into it. quite painful.

Burnt my arm on the steam from the mokka pot yesterday morning. Was going to post a photo but it’s a bit grim.

When drunkenly washing sick off myself on Saturday evening, I fell over in the shower. I now havs a lovely purple bruise on my lip, a cut inside my lip, an invisible bruise on my nose and a lump on my knee. The lip bite was the only thing I remembered at all from a 2 hour blackout because it was so painful.

Someone walked into the TRX at the gym and it swang back and the metal bit hit me directly on the forehead and caused quite a bruise.

Walked into a desk while holding a bag with the plastic tub that had my lunch in; now have tupperware shaped bruise on thigh