Stupid Things You've Done Lately


Rearranged a cactus but used my oven gloves because ya know didn’t wanna prick my fingers.

Since found out that my oven gloves are now absolutely full of cacti pins and I keep pricking my fingers whilst using my oven gloves.


Yesterday I did the whole “where are my glasses thing” while I was actually wearing them


Regularly do that. Especially when it’s sunnies and they’re on my head.


errrr never mind


i have two pairs and i quite frequently go to put a pair on, only to realise that i’m already wearing the other pair.


Not that recent but your OP reminded me of the time I put oven gloves on to open the freezer


Freezer burn is serious business


Love this.

Tried to use apple pay to open the work door a little while ago. Managed to stop myself and there was no one around thank the lord.


Am forever trying to get into work using my tube pass or vice versa.


Spent an hour spectacularly and profanely losing my mind while trying to hang some flat pack wardrobe doors. I was about ten seconds from smashing the whole thing to bits in a fit of rage when Mrs Scorpio pointed out that I’d put one of the shelves in backwards which was pushing them out of line.


Forever doing stupid things with my cacti. Knocked one over and tried to catch it a while ago. Bad.

Have also reached out to catch a frying pan that was on the heat and slipped off the hob :grimacing: obvs because I’m a total wizard I caught it by the handle but yeah… could have ended very badly.


I push up my glasses when I’m not wearing them

Things you have been slow to realise


I regularly blow on cold things before I put them in my mouth.


Not particularly recently but I once showed the bus driver my ID when getting on


used to say ‘thank you’ to the self serve checkouts probably about 25% of the time in the UK. kind of glad they don’t have them here.


I think I say ‘goodbye’ to them about 90% of the time


I’m always trying to use my Oyster card to get through doors at work instead of my actual work pass.


It’s not a particularly stupid thing (more clumsy I suppose) but you feel like a complete fool if you’re looking at your phone in bed and drop it on your face.


posting in the jordan peterson thread


staying up until like midday Sunday on bad things