Stupid Things You've Done Lately

I keep both on the same lanyard for exactly this reason - anything on my commute, I just beep it with that.

Doesn’t work on my front door though :man_shrugging:

tried to make honey mustard lamb with golden syrup instyead of honey

went in the bin

On a similar note, I got a coffee and a glass of water recently. Emptied the sugar sachet into the glass of water.

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Couldn’t find my glasses this morning. I’d put them a whole two inches away from where i thought I’d put them, but didn’t see them

Oh also, was last year, but got my spanish mixed up and told my cousin that I’d already forgotten about his recently deceased grandfather.


I tell them to shut the fuck up quite regularly.

I have a frying pan that you can put in the oven. I haven’t put it in the oven many times, but I’m pretty sure I’ve only once managed to not try to pick it up with my bare hands after I’ve taken it out of the oven.

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drank 4 pints last night and bought a jacket from Screwfix


yup, we’ve all been there.