Su day

Missed the n out by accident so I’m sticking with it.

Can’t believe none of you slackers have made a thread yet, are you all busy or not started yet?

Gloomy here today, not sure what to do.

Gonna go for some breakfast somewhere.

Watching Sunday brunch and waiting for the police dog puppies they’ve got on at some point. Need to do big shop. Gonna be grim all day today, might do a roast. Existence is futile.

Abandoned plans to climb with my mate in the peak district due to the dismal weather. Currently at the wall and then going to a flea market with the TV to look at furniture we won’t buy.


Today is looking gruesome!

We were awake at 3.00 with a hungry toddler.

Going grocery shopping in a bit, then cooking pulled pork. I’ll probably have struggle pizza for lunch and drink bloody Marys for the rest of the day while playing HZD. It should be a good day.

I’m off work next week so I’ll be getting ill tomorrow. I think I have a sinus infection.

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First Sunday roast of the autumn is due at 2pm at the Kings Head. That’s all I’m thinking about.


Packing, innit.

Anglos a Su day everyone. At work, got massive cba going on today. Currently baking some baguettes so might just hide out the back and eat one when they’re done.

manky weather so staying in and doing work.

found some super boots but which colour?? or brown or black or ??

Going to do some more flat hunting today. Think I’m going to slow cook a veggie chilli later. Might go for a run if I’m arsed

Love a bit of rain.

Off to Wickes in a bit, because nothing says Sunday more than trying to decide if I give a shit about replacement bath panels.

booked a solo trip to Glasgow
not had a drink all weekend
gonna go for a swim

Just up, what to have for breakfast?! :thinking:

Kevin Bridges was hysterical last night, had tears rolling dow my face all night. :grinning:

Gonna hopefully catch my wee bro before he heads back down to London later.

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£5 with NUS etcetc

You can just buy the DVD now m8

Going into Brum with the TV who wants to get some clothes. I half wanted to go anyway, to see if I can find a decent coat but I’ve been bribed with a burrito.

Feel like I’m the only person in Glasgow that hasn’t been to see him in the last week.

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What’s yer budget?

The Red are good - I’d probably get brown if I was wearing them but I’m a coward when it comes to cool clothes.

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