Su day

Got back from a night out to find that my flatmate, who had been out elsewhere, had brought twenty (20!) people back to our two-bed flat for an after party. Proceeded to bang around and be generally twatty until 7am.

How’s the hangover:

  • Seeing is tough, man
  • Eurgh, bud
  • Fine, pal
  • What’s a hangover, mate?

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I really don’t miss flat sharing.


I am definitely quite excited about getting my house. Definitely.

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You share a flat with someone that woke you up at 3 am.


And doesn’t even pay rent or do any washing up

Hasn’t bothered to learn English either.

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And it’s Wor Lass’s family, I can’t very well ask her to move out.

Can I?

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You could ask but there’s not much point due to

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It’s pissing it down and the TV’s gone to do a 10 mile race. His parents have gone to cheer him on in the rain while I stay home and work. Dunno which is worse tbh.

Need to finish up relatively quickly as it’s his birthday tomorrow and I haven’t got him much cos I’ve been so busy with work lately. Thinking of heading to the board game shop before he gets back from his race.


Why don’t I have a teasmade. All I ever want in the morning is for someone to bring me a cup of tea. I wish my Mum lived with me.

Eek I’ve got a slight case of the alcohol sads :expressionless: help.

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Anglos a Sunday.

Really fancy a roast but chances of having one are incredibly slim.

Not dressed yet.


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used to be all about omelettes. have now decided the extra faff is not worth the improvement over regular scrambled eggs.


Totally passed my dissertation.


maybe around 700-800 though I’ve already seen some really nice stuff for less than that


Sitting watching Saturday Kitchen highlights (I hope I’ve not missed the police puppies). Going for a Sunday roast at James off Great British Menu’s restaurant later :yum:

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Yeah you could live in the really wanky areas for that.


Just prepped a Beef hotpot for the slow cooker. Not used it in ages,

Might go and watch Venom at the cinema.

Just walked to TESCOS in the pissing rain, bought a reduced packet of processed chicken roll and ate it on the way back.

1-0 barleysugar!