Su-uu-nday, sweepin' the clouds away

On my way,







Wuu2 huns?

Barely slept. Might just see how much toast i can eat today.

My mum is coming over soon, her xmas present hasnt arrived but i do have some great screws off the back of my new washing machine to give to her partner (he wont even think this is a joke present - obsessed with screws)



Trying to think of there’s anything I should do in Birmingham before I head off and stock up on a load of frozen dumplings and milkis. Planning on an almond croissant first.

Then will jump back into reading Circe and likely an afternoon nap.


Snow has just started coming down pretty heavy, forecast is for it to turn into heavy rain for most of the day though :slightly_frowning_face:

Had dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast.

Need to walk the dog and then pop to the shop to get a few things - weirdly both the Sainos and Marks’s down the road don’t open until 11 on a Sunday, rather than the usual 10.

Watch the worldcup final this afternoon, I suppose.

Morning, my detective work this morning leads me to think we have a house full of people.



Woke up really early for some reason - of course I spent 2 hours just looking at my phone

I’ve rallied a bit, had porridge, shaved my head l, cleaned the bathroom, had a shower.

Going to have tea and a nana now

Hoping to ride the momentum and clean the rest of the flat, then do some shit sorting in the spare room and do some music stuff, before ending up on the sofa with an appropriate to the season film

Also need to go to sainos, this is my last tea bag and I need to stock up on sensible food as I really want to not eat too much sugar and takeaways this week (ate so much sugar last night my teeth will be itching for a week, why am I like this?)

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Remembered there’s something I was supposed to do before a meeting tomorrow morning so today is a bit of a write off


Operation get-jimbo-a-new-bedroom-before-christmas has moved on one more step this morning - he now has curtains. The carpet fitter is coming on tuesday, and then all that’s left is to make his new bed (currently in boxes in the hall) and move his stuff in there. It might actually happen.

I wasn’t planning on leaving the house, but I’ve just seen this instagram post, and the market is just over the road, so …

(insta posts don’t embed do they? It’s a delicious looking Swedish saffron / vanilla pastry)

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Fun lads bbq and beer lunch was cancelled late last night due to kitchen leak issues (not mine) - booo

Still, made bowling plans for later and actually have a hope of doing some Christmas shopping now. On the last Sunday before Christmas, how smart …

Record and read for a little first

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Oh, World Cup too

Great book

Worked a night shift. Had a McDs at 6am as a treat.

Not really slept, now watching a shitty film with my son and thinking about a doze.


Currently sitting waiting for my next telling off. Will be like this until after Christmas, probably.



I’m 34 today. Hope it has more chill than being 33 did.

So far, I’m stuffed up with the ongoing 'vid, and last night, blepharitis and conjunctivitis double teamed their way into my body. Absolutely lovely, right? (Narrator: It was not lovely.)


Happy birthday! :birthday: :tada::balloon::partying_face:


FAO of @Tiergarten





need to go for a run don’t want to go for a run

Just remembering when I went to Christmas fayre the other week and my niece and nephew were obsessed with the 3 for £1 lucky dip where you got small, cheap toys and stuff.

Ended up with 5 whistles between them

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Tutns out my mum just isnt coming and didnt tell me then blamed me on the phone and shouted at me about not keeping my xmas tree up past xmas night as if she’d be here anyway :upside_down_face:

Belated happiness on your birthday too!

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