Subcategory of the Classifieds board: Your Music

There’s one thing that’s never quite been clear here, which is whether people posting music from projects they’re personally connected to should be on the Music board or Classifieds board.

It seems to me like there’s an unspoken rule of who can post new music on the music board and who cannot. For example, if a user has signed up a new account, and then only ever posted about their project, it’s clear that they’re not here to be part of the community but as part of a broader publicity attempt.

However, if we’re happy to move those posts straight to the classifieds board, then we should also have a clear rule about who has the privilege of sharing their own music on the music board. Currently, whenever a new user posts their music to the Music board, it gets moved to the Classifieds, often without any communication as to why that happened. I feel this could be off-putting for new users, particularly since some of the people who now regularly post here started off that way.

Here’s what I would suggest we do to make that whole thing clearer:

  • Create a Your Music subcategory of the Classifieds board.
  • Add a sticky post to Your Music which explains that this is where music shared from newer users gets moved to in order to discourage them from just using the boards as a spam portal. Also I don’t think it’s a good idea to specify the exact point at which people can then share their music on the music board as it then encourages “gaming the system”.
  • Whenever someone posts something to the Music Board which should really be on the Classifieds board, those who have rights to move it do so, and the person whose post was moved can easily and fairly see why that happened without any further action needed.

What do you think?

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I’m sure that both you and I make it clear when we move these sorts of threads…and I’m not sure anyone else really bothers do they?

Otherwise I agree.

TBH I think the only time we allow users on the music board is if they’ve definitely established themselves as in the community but even then it seems a rare thing now.

To be honest, I’ll usually just add some tags that explain it, but I figured this change would stop the need for any other intervention.

That’s also true, and we get far less of these instances than even, say, two years ago, I just saw one today and it made me think that with all of the changes to the boards of late, this might be one more that helps make things clear to everyone. I know for a fact that this is something whose ambiguity and perceived elitism has bothered users on these boards in the past.

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Happy to set this up if it is indeed the will of the people


No one ever looks at classified and they never will

This post just reminded me of this thread, so thought I’d give it a little bump.

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Thanks ma0sm. Will mention this in the upcoming FAQs also