subjects of your art

What have you written songs about?

Ever written a fictional story? Were the characters based on real people?

Visual artists?


Interested in both your art that you’re proud of and silly things you did in your youth.

The only one that comes to mind from a long time ago was a song that I later realised was a rip off of Day Tripper by The Beatles. Was written at the height of the yo-yo craze when I was age 10 I think.

The lyrics were

if your yo-yo don’t sleep it’s a duff one

in the verse and then

duff yo-yo, duff yo-yo yeah!

in the chorus.

In recent years I wrote:

  • a song about how nostalgia is my favourite drug

  • spoken word piece about the financial crisis of 2008 and how it was going to happen again

  • a song about the cat

  • a rip-off of The Streets about going to the pub on a Friday

  • in lockdown at the start of this year I also wrote a song about how much I missed McDonalds :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: thought it was quite good tbh


I wrote a song about the Manhattan project/Oppenheimer last week. (And my recent breakup, but that’s a subtext).


When I was in a band, my bassist (also one of my oldest friends) said that all the songs I wrote were about my ex-girlfriends’ tits.

He was wrong because most of them were just girls I had crushes on.

I was a really misunderstood lyricist, man.


Only really write creative non fiction so mostly about industrial wastelands (number one muse for me), the garden, walking, and times I’m being a massive emo. I usually write a journal all year then produce a creative summary of the year from that and always like those pieces.

This was the first year I did that, it’s a really good exercise to do provided you actually can be bothered keeping a journal in the first place.

As a teenager I wrote a poem about Rik Mayall that began:

Mr Mayall
Mr Rik
Whoever you fancy
Makes me sick

Inspired, I’m sure you’ll agree.


I’m going to play this at the NaNoWriMo support group tonight.

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Campaign to get Duff Yo-Yo to Christmas number 1

I’ve written daft little story things about the following:

  • A cult leader who put the robes through at the wrong temperature and shrinks them
  • A little girl on her birthday who gets a new bike and follows her Dad’s “just keep pedalling” advice to the extent where she spends the next 30 years on the bike
  • A Rabbi who accidentally brings a “Conquer Your Fear Of Flying” tape to a Bar Mitsvah instead of Hava Nagila
  • The inventor of Spaghetti Hoops
  • A dyslexic Phaeroh who keeps spelling things wrong in hieroglyphs

A few other daft things like that as well. Silly business really.


Usually my own issues projected onto someone less stable so whereas I just cry, they do a crime about it or something.


When I was 10 I had a band and we did a song about the French revolution at my mum’s church on Fairtrade Fair day. Not sure why. My teenage musings were mostly ‘erotic schoolboy stories’ which are genuinely really disturbing in hindsight :grimacing:

Pretty much all of the characters in my creative projects now are based on people I know irl, sometimes they’re mashes of several people with similar traits/flaws.


I wrote some lyrics around my shitty 2019 in lockdown but I won’t do anything with them because I can’t sing or play any instruments really and without those skills I’d rather die than try to share them with other people. I think I could make something if I had Sibelius, used to love using that at school and it’s really useful for being able to express whats in your head if you lack the instrumental/vocal skills to make it happen.

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silly pictures of DiSers mostly


Wrote a song about a list of things to do before i die but it went a bit silly as i needed some rhymes

here you go


Have you tried Sibelius First? Stripped down free version.

I write songs about a variety of different things. I wrote a bunch that drew from local history, some that were based on literary themes (got one of them played on a fairly big TV show, it was inspired by a little anecdote in a Nabokov book, no one cared either about the concept or indeed the song as it sank without trace), little concepts about people and things. I like writing character pieces or in the voice of someone else. I find myself as a writing conceit pretty dull most of the time!

I have not but I might give it a go if my laptop can hack it!

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I like this a lot

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thank you!

would like to know the backstory behind some of @Epimer’s song titles (other than “amusing combination of words on DiS”)