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Right, another suggestion for a lockdown thread for folks to contribute to if you feel so inclined. I’ve enjoyed browsing the Mogwai best of thread and Radiohead ‘make a 12 track’ best of one that picked up again recently so thought I’d kick off a more general submit a playlist thread.

No hard rules - can be a band ‘best of’, or (to make it a bit different to the ‘favourite band playlist’ thread from a while back) a best of a particular label, genre, country, year or decade. Requests on what you want others to submit playlists on welcome. Let’s stick to 12 tracks and an hour or so of music though to stop things getting too unwieldy.


I’ll kick things off with my Pulp best of - in chronological order my 12 would be…

O.U. (Gone, Gone)
Do You Remember the First Time?
Pink Glove
Common People
Bar Italia
The Fear
This is Hardcore
Glory Days
Birds in Your Garden


If there are some songs that are short (less than 90 seconds), can I have more than 12? Or just discount the really short ones from the total number of songs, or something.

You have my permission - I’m not going to police it, submit what you like (just don’t take the piss too much)

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Looking forward to your Melt Banana best-of

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I only have one permanent playlist as I normally only make others for travel and any other time I listen to albums. But it is this

Go on then, here’s my Blood Brothers one, no tracklisting order just as they come to mind

Doctor! Doctor!
James Brown
Mutiny On The Ark of The Blood Brothers
Every Breath Is A Bomb
The Six Nightmares At The Pinball Masquerade
Love Rhymes With Hideous Carwreck
Rats and Rats and Rats For Candy
Camouflage, Camouflage
Giant Swan

No ‘Set Fire to the Face on Fire’?

Not a massive fan of that song tbh. Its a good album opener but its not one I’d go to

Yeah to be fair it’s definitely not a better song than Giant Swan.

Just spent a while making this 70s Beach Boys Brother Records-era playlist excluding songs from Smile (because they’re technically from Capitol era) and M.I.U. (because they’re technically a bit not very good). Basically avoided the songs that sound like The Beach Boys as much as possible…


I made a list of my favorite plant-based albums a while back. Albums made specifically for plants to improve growth
Mort Garson-Plantasia (obviously)
Louie Zong - Greenhouse
Ele Ypsis - Meiosis -
Stevie Wonder - Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants
10ft Ganja Plant - Bass Chalice
Biosphere - N-Plants
CoryYayo - House Plants
Shocking Twist - Music for Succulents
Plantrae - Taproot
Jan Grunfeld - Music for Plants
Life of the Plants - Lee Scratch Perry

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I might as well bump a few I made for the last time we had a 12 tracks, 1 hour best of thread;



The Jesus Lizard


The Go! Team

Nine Inch Nails

finally a short 10 tracker of Rocket From The Crypt


Dylan in the 80’s

Heres 12 non Rocket From The Crypt Swami/John Reis tracks:

Night Marchers - All Hits
Hot Snakes - Six Wave Hold Down
Drive Like Jehu - Super Unison
Metz & Swami John Reis - Caught Up
Sonny Vincent & RFTC - Vintage Piss
Sultans - Shut Up and Sit Down
Night Marchers - 2 Guitars Sing
Blind Shake & Swami John Reis - Dune Rider
Sultans - Heartbreaker
Hot Snakes - Unlisted
Back Of Cupids -Meek inherits space
Drive Like Jehu - Luau

Ive been listening to a lot of John Reis related music while Ive been working from home. The mans released a lot of quality music.


not an Ambulance vs Ambulance fan? That’s their first song I heard

oh it’s a banger but there’s more interesting songs on BPIB

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