Subscription boxes

I subscribe to subscriberbox, which is monthly and £200. Man turns up in a giant box and then we go through all the subscription boxes I want to subscribe to for that month because I’m a giant baby without agency

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i have pact, but it’s not really a box ye get me

me flatmate gets those gousto boxes. seem alright with your discount codes but expensive without. must be even more for him as he offers me the half he never eats

i’m on pact as well thanks to @meowington

it’s fine. get one every 6 weeks or something.

I don’t have any currently, but I’ve had veg boxes, Pact and beer ones in the past. I think it’s good to have stuff that other people pick for you sometimes, especially with the veg box I got a load of stuff I’d never thought of buying but ended up really enjoying.

what’s pact?

you dickheads?



ah fuck that then.


I get a Graze box now and then. Good brownies! Just saw this ad:

Yeah I’m sure thousands are gonna sign up for this, lads

i quite like the idea of these, but i know that i would probably actually like about 1 item per year so er yeah, best off either saving the money or buying something that i actually definitely want

I’m doing some work for one of these atm, one of the food ones
Their values as a company are atrocious, so delightfully blatantly uncaring and loathsome of their own subscriber base I wonder how on earth it got off the ground but oh well more #shitforcunts lining the Ruffdawgs pockets until I cba anymore I guess

a former work colleague set up one of these for cakes where you subscribe and once a month they send you all the ingredients (minus eggs for obvious reasons) to make a cake. has been going nine months so guess it must have some subscribers?

I cancelled that

the vinyl ones are the worst. like who signs up to receive a mystery record every month and pays more for the privilege that they would if they went and bought summat they definitely wanted? madness

Interior designers

oh aye, so they can put them on the wall and not have to think about what it is. im with you

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Might have stuck with Gousto but it’s way overpriced for veggie stuff.

I’ve got a knee-jerk, generalised dislike of them. can’t really put my finger on why

I like the idea of this - but £14.85 to make a cake? Jog on.

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seems expensive to me either way. £5 a meal isn’t it? can get up to 15 packets of Super Noodles for that price