Subscription boxes



Big thing now, aren’t they. Birchbox for make-up, Dollar Shave Club for razors, loads of different beer subscriptions, meat subscriptions, toys… everything. Once saw an “ApocaBox” which sent you survival supplies every month (you have to hope society doesn’t collapse before you get the box) and saw one today aimed at “single women”.

What kind of boxes do you think the market is missing?


I think you should subscribe to a box of better thread ideas mate



mark of someone with too much cash and no imagination


a box box


Subscription Subscription Box


gf used to get one for the dog. ridiculous amount of treats and stuff that we’re still getting through, some shit toys that the dog didnt give a fuck about, one really bouncy ball that she buzzes off. swings and roundabouts




Didn’t we have a thread on old DiS about monthly boxes you could get with a tie, cufflinks and a hankie in them? I can’t remember what the consensus was?


There’s a board game one now. Not sure why you’d want to spend £40 a month on a MyStErY board game when there are literally thousands of them to choose from that cost about the same and that you’ll have some idea of whether or not you’ll like it.


i can guess


I’m putting money on Owen having a good old windmill in that thread. I’ll see if I can find it.


this reminds me of those vinyl subscription things, you pay whatever a month and they send you a box of ~mystery 7"s~ which i dont understand. why not just spend less on records you know you’re going to be into? stuff like flying vinyl, cant remember the names of other ones. ive looked at them a few times and cant for the life of me figure out the appeal


Can’t find it but I’ve found this.

It’s just



Ah here we go! I was wrong about Owen - he was as sceptical as anyone


box must have been massive




Tried Cornerstone (razors) over the summer. Not a huge fan of their shaving creme stuff, but the blades seem decent. I cancel every other delivery though cos despite being a cycling race wanker I just don’t need to shave that often. Nice that other than some mild admin, I don’t have to bother with razors/foam on the Big Shop™ though.


I get a graze box once a week mainly to stop myself buying a pack of chocolate digestives and yamming them before 11am on Monday. I’ve narrowed it down so they don’t send me shit like seeds and for now it’s worth it. If I had any willpower I’d go to the shop and get healthy snacks and keep them away from my desk but I don’t so I don’t