Subscription model for artists

Do you do this for any bands?

Just signed up to give one of my favourite musicians (Toby Driver) about 8 bucks a month and in return get access to their archive and a ton of unreleased stuff, films, bsides etc that were previously unreleased.

  • I do this for _______
  • I dont do this but would be open to it
  • Shit model, no fans
  • other

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Well, what do you reckon?

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Not something I could do for lots of artists, but would consider doing it for a couple where I loved them enough and there was a good amount of content.

I do a patreon thing for Adam Gnade, but that is more his writing than music atm.

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Used to do it for Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label before he shuttered it. Was decent, would do again.

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