Subscriptions to being sent stuff/product monthly


Have you seen this, have you heard about this?

Anyone do them?

Wife does this and raves about it:

surely some of you lot do it with beer or figurines or…socialism? Hit me with your recommendations.


Yeah, Mrs HYG has done Birchbox for a couple of years, on and off. Goes through phases of finding it decent, then sacking it off, then getting sucked in with an offer. All these companies must have appalling attrition rates.

I’ve done loads of beer subscriptions, they’re fine when they’re at a promotional price, but at a full price I find I would rather spend the equivalent money myself on beers I know I actually want.


immensely satisfying answer thank you. @Antpocalypsenow can only dream of comprehensive replies of this level in HIS threads


I value each and every one of the replies in any of my threads, to suggest otherwise is borderline psychotic


it’s funny because often it seems as though your replies to each poster are underlined with a contempt which in itself feels borderline psychotic.


this is now the beeve thread.


I really hope that’s not the case :disappointed:


no need to be so furious and contemptuous with me man :frowning:


i always get ads for those vinyl subscription things and i cant get my head around why you’d pay a premium to get a record delivered to you every month with no idea of what it was going to be. just go to a fucking record shop and buy an album you want


Can I just shock you, my wife also gets that Birchbox business. It is a constant source of disagreement though as they don’t fit through our letterbox and so they get left with neighbours. This has happened 3 times now and she insists we take it in turns to go and collect them. My argument is that there is nothing of value to me whatsoever in that package and as such I should be able to stay in my dressing gown and sit on the sofa.


and what’s her argument?


That she went last time so it is somehow ‘my turn’.


just do the xylo thing and tell she’s wrong regardless and then, smiling, ignore all other possibilities


I have to get all neighbour parcels. I fucking hate it. They all act like they’re fucking heroes for taking in my parcel.

Usually drag my son along though.


i mean they are a BIT


just tell her you dont want it so you’ll just leave it there


(i am regularly one of the neighbours who people collect their parcels from)


We’re the last of the altruists lonz.


They’re good as presents for people who like a thing but are picky.

Really like these guys:


i did plasticniki’s faffbox (leave it) of beers when the offer was on but immediately binned it off after