Subtle Arguments You've Had With Your Significant Other During Isolation..

Probably gonna kick off if he doesn’t eat the soup he bought for us for lunch. He tricked me into having it for lunch today and said he’d heat his up later but then went “don’t fancy that” and made himself a full picky lunch.

I fucking hate those soups but he’s being all IT’S TRYING TIMES, EAT THE SOUP

He’s done you there



Last weekend I bought six sausages, and a pack of six finger rolls. Today for lunch Jimbo and I had three sausages and three rolls between us. As I was eating my other half said “can I have one of those rolls”. Now, I don’t want to be one who starts an argument, but…

  • You should have let her have the roll Rob, you selfish bastard!
  • Six rolls, six sausages. You can’t argue with the maths

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What kind of tiny rolls are these that only fit one sausage each?

Finger rolls, obvs, a little bit like the ones you put hot dogs in

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My S.O. keeps calling it a panAdemic, like pannacotta, and denies noticing a difference. 90% sure it’s deliberate


This is a new concept to me and I don’t think I like it.

Three sausages is the minimum you should have on one roll.

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6 rolls and 3 people, seems pretty obvious it should be 2 rolls each.

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Small person hasn’t got a big enough tummy for two sausages, and you don’t buy meat sausages for pescatarians! So it’s two for me and one for him, two days in a row.

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This but for about 15 minutes

Him: gonna do a shop, look at the list I’ve made and let me know if you want to add anything
Me: adds chopped tomatoes, deletes toilet roll because we still have 8 rolls
Him: can’t believe you’re undermining me like this



How do you chose what to watch in your house? We have the problem where we’ll scroll through the films for ages and one of us will pick one and the other one goes “nah” and then we do that for about half an hour and then we give up.

Today we’ve decided to both pick 2 new films neither of us have seen and one film we think the other person will like and put all 6 pieces of paper in a pot and we have to go with it.

We almost fell out just coming up with the process of chosing a film!


We only ever really watch compromise stuff that neither of us objects to, and I watch the stuff i want to watch that he won’t like when I’m at mine. However, now that I’ve got to stay here for a bit, I’ve been putting stuff on that i normally wouldn’t make him watch if he’s doing something else like on his computer. Last night I put on twin peaks series 3 and apparently he didn’t enjoy it - he took his switch and went into the other room!


We’ve a Netflix profile each and a joint one for stuff we both want to watch, works OK


He chooses and I go to sleep if it involves space otherwise I’ll watch , if I choose and he doesn’t like he plays pool through it.

Sometimes we both like something and will watch it properly…

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She watches telly and I don’t because she watches shite

What is she watching out of interest?

Our chat about how to chose films ended in him saying “WELL YOU CAN WATCH THAT ON YOUR OWN THEN”

the man has never seen mean girls and I think it’s an important film to watch?!