Subway are really upping their game, eh!


Obviously nothing gets the giant babies on here crying more than other people liking Subway.

Went this morning and tried one of these bad boys, a BBQ Beef Burnt Ends sanger. Woooooosh! Probably the best sarnie i’ve ever had.

Top lads and lasses, discuss. Puny London softies, whinge about it below…

Anyone had the rotisserie chicken subway
Anyone had the rotisserie chicken subway

Looks very good aye. Bet it tastes exactly the same as every other subway though


No it doesn’t.

It’s spicy as fuck for a start.


How much are we talking for a footlong, might test this out at some point this week


The quality of tomatoes looks poor from that pic


You’d have to be a prize mug to put tomatoes in a subway anyway


£6.50 with a drink, probably.


Well, you’ve got me salivating.



Everything but tomatoes for bugduv.


christ, that’s more expensive than a (large) burrito. I’m out


Yeah, the pros ask the staff to put it in!


More expensive than a shit large burrito, maybe.

You won’t get me slagging burritos, mind. King of all fast food, imho.



Might get one of these post gym


Looks a cracker that, bit of southwest sauce and you’re laughing.


On the bloody ball, lad! Honey Oat, no toms, Southwest, black pepper. BING BONG!



Going to bookmark this thread so that when I order one I get it right.


need a bit of cheese, but WOOF.

you went for the refillable cup of machine drink too, I take it?


Orange Fanta, one button’s worth of ice, got to have two to make it worthwhile, eh!