Subway do soup

Bowl of meatballs outside the hospital doors


Had a Subway for the first time since January yesterday.

It was fine. Just tasted like Subway, innit.

Enjoyed the addition of chili bread along with sriracha and aioli as sauce options though.

Can I shock you? I like Subway.

Every Thursday morning I used to have to go in to work early to do the beer delivery and my boss would turn up halfway through and insist on buying me, him and the draymen subway for breakfast instead of breakfast baguettes from the brilliant sandwich shop opposite so every week when he went to do something else I’d go and give my subway to a tramp we knew called Bungee and get myself a nice baguette. That’s my Subway story. Also, the smell from outside a Subway is far worse than they actually taste.

Breakfast Subway is shite, but a normal Subway is perfectly fine. The Rotisserie Chicken they have now is sensational

Oh this was spicy meatballs and salad for breakfast.