Successful use of things for another purpose



When I made my pot of coffee this morning the only thing in the cutlery drawer at work was a cake slice so I used it to stir my cafetiere: it was a revelation. Minimum effort, maximum stir-age speed. I imagine that this was the sort of frisson that Alexander Fleming felt when he discovered penicillin.

Provide details of your use of items for jobs other than their intended purpose




S’up casseroles?


How is it gross? As long as it’s clean and not caked in cake, then there’s no issue here.

Good work, NoahV. Don’t let naysayers stop your innovative pursuits.


Just seems a bit dirty




one of the two best pieces of advice I’ve received on DiS:

Use a teaspoon to peel ginger.

Thanks @Balonz


Alright Christina Aguilera


The other?

Never start a land war in Russia - thanks, @ma0sm


Store your baked beans upside-down

Thanks @Lucien; @bamos


Really starting to think casseroles is one of the best trolls on here :smiley:


Paperclips are better at getting ear wax out than cotton buds.






Hair grips too, so I’m told



Do you unfold it and use the pointy end (terrifying) or use the rounded end as is as a sort of scoop?


The latter, I’m not a maniac.



I often use a pizza cutter to cut paper.