Succession (HBO)


Anyone bothering with this? Only watched the pilot. Seems a bit Bluths v Trumps v Murdochs.

I’ll watch it because some of the characters seem ridiculous and it’s got Brian Cox in it, but it feels like the sort of thing that’s been overdone already, and it’s got the guy from Spooks in.





i watched the trailer and couldn’t believe how shite it looked for an HBO show, their hit rate is normally pretty high


It’s had a few good write ups and there’s a lot of billboards and TV ads for it. I honestly can’t think of anything less appealing, could someone here please take the plunge?


Not started it yet but it’s apparently turns a massive corner after the first few episodes.


My gut feeling is it’s not been very well cast, isn’t original, there’s going to be no subtle development of characters, and is heavily relying on the lead, but having said that, people get sniffy about things that are in reality very good just not par by the standards of the last few years.

Boss with Kelsey Grammar’s a good example. In any other era that’s critically acclaimed.


I started watching it without any expectations and have been enjoying it. I didn’t realize initially that the Peep Show co-creator is behind it.


Maybe there’ll be a crossover episode!