Suddenly Saturday!

Is stretching before me…

Getting a fresh haircut, shall I go shorter fringe?? IDK.

Then it’s finish painting the garden furniture, do some work, drink some wine, maybe take V to hang out with his mates, that kind of thing.

House is a wreck but we have convinced ourselves we will timetable cleaning in the evenings next week. Ha.ha.

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Meeting a pal at one, had a lot of cocktails last night so woke up well early. Reckon I’ll go out for a walk

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Morning all :wave:

Against my better judgement we’re going to the national space centre in Leicester today. (Booked while numbers were going down as a late birthday present for the eldest). Feeling a bit nervous about it because of (a) half-term traffic and (b) covid but I guess these places are quite used to keeping people socially distanced etc, right?

Anyway, the eldest is very excited :rocket:


Ooh have fun! much fun as exploring the endlessly dull area of big rocks in the dark that space can be. :wink:

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Last Saturday I’ll be working for a while and it’s gonna be a fucking busy one.



I’m hungry.


Hey everyone

Thought I was going to be in for a quiet one last night after a very social week but I ended up going for some spontaneous pints with one of my favourite people so that was good. A bit hungover but I’m going to be fine

Haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with the day but I’m loving the “sun steaming in the window “ vibes RN

I’m cooking for someone tonight - need to decide what I’m making (veggie, no raw tomato)


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Got people coming for a bbq later at about 2pm. That’s it.

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Went to bed too late, slept poorly, got rudely awoken by the bin people at 6ish and have been awake since. Figure I might as well get on with it and have a nap later if needed.

By “it” I of course mean completing my Monster Hunter armour set.

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Would be funny if a lorry was reversing outside in the morning and someone in their half-awake state goes ‘for fucks sake!’, jumps out of bed and legs it downstairs to open the microwave

A beautiful morning here in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

I’m grating potatoes for some hash browns, the dulcet tones of bonnie prince Billy on the record player, a cup of black coffee and a mild hangover. Idyllic, frankly

I can smell fried potatoes wafting on the air. Truly, I am blessed.

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Good news everyone!


so what’s your phd on?
i’m giving octopuses a load of drugs
dunno lol



Lovely day out, eh?

It’s Jimbo’s birthday party this morning and my other half has massively over organised everything. What should just be a bunch of kids playing in the park has turned into something which somehow needs military precision planning. Cupcakes have been iced, Covid tests have been taken, pizzas are being cooked, and now there’s some engineering going on to fashion a device for transporting the cupcakes (there’s a reason why people make one big cake rather than loads of small ones).

I’m knackered and that’s before I’ve had to deal with dozens of other peoples children


I’ve been here for an hour and I’ve tried 3 different pans. Why do some of these potatoes refuse to go crispy?!

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do you need to pre-heat the oil to a hotter temperature first before cooking the potatoes?

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