Suddenly Sunday


What we up to?

I’ve got work to do and football to watch.

Weather remains grim

Morning Slicks! Day 2 of attacking the weedy takeover in the garden. Ugh.

I’ve had a 4 day weekend but the shadow of work has been looming each day, so it’s been really hard to relax. Not much fun.

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I too have been regularly weeding so that my raised beds look beautiful. Little nettles popping up every day.

Least the wet weather makes it easier to pull them up.

Woken by the silly toddler at 5:45. Not got the energy for parenting this morning - counting down the minutes until we go swimming as a nice concrete activity.

Hello! Had an awful night’s sleep and now I have to go to work :frowning:

Not yet technically morning here but good morning!
Waiting for my hair to dry a bit more and then I’ll get out the blow-dryer so I can get to bed.

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Ugh. Having to work when you have slept well is the pits.

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The thread title has dredged out (of all things) a Mel C album track. So that’ll be a pleasant earworm for the day :smiley:

All is otherwise well. We’re supposed to be meeting some friends for a walk but they’re waiting to see when their Sainos delivery slot is, so we can’t plan our day til they’ve confirmed. I can confirm we’re going to have roast lamb for either lunch or dinner.




Why do I keep missing important bits of words this week? What is up with that?

Good morning chums
Something has died in my mouth and head, it seems


Is it beer?

Yeah. We inherited a slightly messy garden when we moved here but figured we’d give it this year to see what was planted and what would grow.

Well, 4 months later I’ll tell you what grew. A billion fucking weeds, that’s what!


Stayed up too late, feel like death.

Got my first tour since like August today, not done any research to update it :upside_down_face:

Champagne :clinking_glasses:

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Have been trying to get better at night photography on my phone, changing the settings and that because all I want is a good moon photo but look at this from last night! So pretty

Also my phone does this most days and its sometimes nice but also jarring

Back when all I owned was bright jeans, bright jumpers, bright socks and bright converse and mixed and matched with no regards to what colours look good together :smiling_face_with_tear:


One of the ‘things that make you sound like your own parents’ thread: I just got up and exclaimed “action stations!”


I don’t get this. Surely they book the time??

I do the saver delivery slot so you book a 4 hour window and they tell you on the day when they’ll come within then.

Morning all!

I’m taking The Child to football this morning and then doing some work this afternoon.

We’re eating SF chicken tonight and I would quite like to watch Wonder Woman 1984.