Suede appreciation

Not a thread to flag upcoming gigs or a new release or anything. Just recently been listening to many of my favourite Suede songs and have to say that they’ve recorded some absolutely 10/10 tunes.


The Beautiful Ones came on in my ‘Bangers’ playlist the other day, and it’s still got it.

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I love them. I want to say that ‘The Blue Hour’ is a fucking brilliant album that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the first 2. Flytipping, Life Is Golden, and The Invisibles are songs i feel like I’ve been waiting 25 years for Suede to write.

Been a fan since the start but never saw them live until their final tour in the early 00s.

Their first three albums are all great. Their debut is brilliant and Dog Man Star remains one of the best British albums of all time.

Few bands comeback after so long and produce albums (almost) as good as their first three.

As a live band, they’re always amazing. Never saw a dull Suede gig.


Disc 1 of Sci-Fi Lullabies is my favourite. Remember listening to it and it was like a whole world opening up, whereas S/T seemed slightly uneven and DMS claustrophobic and stern. Both great albums though, as was Coming Up,


Yeah I’m not sure I’ve ever really enjoyed their albums but Stay Together as a single and Sci-Fi Lullabies are really full of great songs. The first three albums have some monster tracks on them, but Suede hasn’t ever really hit the marks for me.

I did listen to The Blue Hour. Suede fan friends seemed to think it was amazing but to me it just sounded like an attempt to write Dog Man Star again and didn’t really have much oomph to it, sort of Early Suede By Numbers. But then I felt similarly about The Magic Whip and other late albums by popular 90s bands.

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Yeah the comeback stuff left me a bit nonplussed. I actually think The Tears’ album is my favourite post-Coming Up Suede release (technically it’s not Suede, but it’s Butler-Anderson), but that seemed to be oddly low-key and forgotten

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Night Thoughts is their best album and one of the best straight up indie albums of the last decade



Listened to half of it last night for the first time in a while. Outsiders is one of their absolute best bangers.


I loved The Tears album at the time. ‘Refugees’, ‘Autograph’, ‘The Ghost of You’, ‘Apollo 13’ are all great songs. There are a few workmanlike songs towards the end that could have been left off though (‘Fallen Idol’, ‘Beautiful Pain’, ‘Brave New Century’).

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I would argue that Suede have more top class b-sides than anyone else ever. For example:

My Insatiable One
To The Birds
He’s Dead
High Rising
The Big Time
The Living Dead
My Dark Star
Killing of a Flashboy
Europe is Our Playground
Another No-One


You could add ‘Where The Pigs Don’t Fly’ to that list.


Oh yeah, forgot about that one. It is indeed great.

What’s everyone’s opinion on Head Music? Is it supposed to be shit?

I always find I enjoy Electricity a lot more than I think I will when I put it on, then lose interest.

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Yeah, it is pretty shit. ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is good but the whole ‘electro-rock’ sound of it has dated quite badly i think. ‘Elephant Man’ & the title track are particularly bad. Interestingly, it was Melody Maker’s Album of the year in 1999…weird.

‘Dog Man Star’ is amazing and is indeed one of the albums of the 90s…however…i do think it could have been better if Butler hadn’t left before it was finished. The production is better than the debut but it still doesn’t sound as good as it should (it is a bit ‘muddy’) and ‘The Power’ (not finished when Butler left) should have replaced by ‘Killing of a Flashboy’ and ‘Still Life’ would have been better without the OTT strings.

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Jesus. No idea what else came out that year but off the top of my head the Chemical Brothers’ Surrender was and is amazing. Realistically Head Music probably shouldn’t be in the top 50. I’ll do some research now instead of doing any work – cheers.

Ok Surrender, Midnite Vultures, Battle of LA, 13, Rhythm & Stealth, When the Pawn… and Agætis Byrjun are all objectively better albums, plus probably 100 more. Silly magazine.

one of their most underrated compositions, just amazing. That Butler solo