Excellent news. Their last two comeback albums have been brilliant.


Bit of an early announcement? Particularly nowadays. Was disappointed when I read it isn’t for another five months. Still, good new nevertheless. Still enjoy ‘Night Thoughts’ and ‘Outsiders’ is one of my favourite tracks of the last 10 years.

Top five Suede today;

The Power
Stay Together
So Young

Will be completely different tomorrow.

My Top 5:

The Living Dead
Sleeping Pills
The Next Life
My Insatiable One

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The Power?!? Really?? Would never have imagined that to be anyone’s favourite Suede track

Stay Together
The Asphalt World
Killing Of A Flashboy
Pantomime Horse

Again, that’s just today, could change at any time

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For the record, cannot wait for this new album. My love for them was well and truly rekindled with Bloodsports. This is after falling out of love with Coming Up and the next two albums being absolute turds. The DMS show at Brixton and a Hop Farm Festival headline slot brought everything I love about them back home.

Will definitely be seeing them on the new tour.

Still can’t believe how good their last un was. Outsiders, No Tomorrow and Tightrope are probably in my top 5

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Yes the DMS show was outstanding. Saw them do a warm up show around the time they did the come back at Royal Albert Hall as well which was also amazing. Blow pretty much every other live band out the water when they are on form.


New song is epic.

Does this mean that Suede are now officially so old they don’t star in their own videos? I recall when that happened to New Order :grimacing:

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and REM.

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more new Suede

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Hope they do a proper tour in support of this. Saw them doing Bloodsports in full then the first ten singles in order a few years back and they were stunning.

Touring in October I think? Gwenno supporting in London

Also did the same with night thoughts. Preferred the night thoughts set tbh

Outsiders is a certified banger.

Bollocks. They play Rough Trade East next month but it’s sold out. I didn’t realise it was available.